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After the Halo event of 2552, there is a brief but violent period of civil war among the humans. Two armies on opposite sides of a canyon, the Reds and Blues, fight in the most worthless piece of real

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original title: Red vs. Blue

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi


imdb: 8.2

duration: 6min

tags: War is hell


keywords: halo, battle, versusintitle, periodintitle, fictionalwar, colorintitle, ghost, betrayal, halo2, onlinecartoon, machinima, group

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Season 4. The Great Destroyer has arrived. The blues confront the Great destroyer who informs them that Tucker must go on a quest. Meanwhile the Reds return to Blood Gulch where Sarge questions Simmons' sanity after Simmons sees a familiar tank. Season 3: At the end of season 2, Doc is possessed by the AI known as O' Malley, which formally resided in both Tex (season 1) and Caboose (season 2). Realizing that O' Malley could destroy them, the Reds and the Blues decide to team up in an attempt to destroy him. However, when they tamper with the teleporters, they end up in different places, leaving people alone with their once sworn enemies. Red vs. Blue Season 3 is even funnier than ever as new maps are introduced to the story line, and don't forget about the twist ending. There is no reason not to watch this show. If you love halo, you'll laugh your ass off, if not, you'll probably laugh your ass off anyways. It's just that funny. The characters are great, and the series is surprisingly long for a web-based show. There are 2 teams in a box canyon, they are fighting each other... well fighting isn't exactly the word for it. They are more in the habit of doing whatever they can to make the other teams lives worse. Throughout the series, new characters are added and an incredibly deep plot is uncovered. All together it's something you can watch again and again and never be disappointed. If you can find something not to like about this show than you don't belong near a computer or out in public. If any of you have played Halo, you will enjoy this movie. I started watching this from episode one when it was online. Basically, while waiting for Halo 2 these soldiers have started a civil war between red and blue. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Halo and enjoys a really funny movie. Since we are all waiting until the end of time for Halo 2 to arrive, this will help fill your void.

For all of my fellow gamers, buy this movie, you will enjoy it.

If you watch and enjoy the movie, please vote for it on the Webby Awards for the Peoples Voice Award.


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